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Logo of the Tantatlus Community Association Board
reflects the geography of the mountain where I formerly lived

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We live in Tantalus in a home built by a German in 1937 in a very cool environment (averages 12 degrees colder than sea level) because of the elevation (1800 feet). There are avocados that grow on the property (the finest I've ever had).  Wild boar roam these mountains, it's a "pig hunters paradise" 800,000 people are 4 miles and 2,000 feet below us.

It just amazing that weather could be so perfect, the altitude is the key to living in the tropics, remember that, it's the perfect position - geographically.

It's very peaceful up here.  The views are incredible. The setting is absolutely awe inspiring. We drink and shower with pure fresh, tasty rainwater, as all the residents up here do, everyone is on catchment.

I had a Roadrunner cable modem (VERY FAST - I downloaded Netscape's Communicator browser in six minutes),  two phone lines and I'm on the Net almost the entire day and late into the night. I'm surrounded by green bamboo forests and mountains.

Tantalus is named after a mythological god, the son of Zeus,
which gives us the word, "tantalize" a very fitting description
for this very special place located in the
exact middle of the Pacific Ocean

The nearest continent is over 2,300 miles away.

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View from my home
(click on image to see full size version of view)

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I just like this picture

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the red cross marks location of my Tantalus home

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the red cross marks the old location of my Tantalus home

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