The log of the catamarran

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Capt. Clive Kelly is interviewed by the press onboard in Brazil

Raoni and Clive are working together to Save the Rain Forest.

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A Mekronote man

Women wrestling

Men wrestling

Women and girls of the Mekronote Tribe

Raoni hospitalized after world tour with Sting. Depression due to great deception
after being abandoned by Sting and J.P.Dutilieux, in Brasília, along with all the money.
Money raised to help Raoni's people needs to be returned!

I think this was written by Dutilleux:

"Later, Dutilleux was accompanied on a trip to the Amazon by rock star Sting, who was able to experience
first hand the Indian tribes in the rapidly disappearing indigenous jungle. Dutilleux took the photographs,
and Sting wrote the articles exposing the fate of the native Amazonians in order to publicize this dramatic problem.
As a result of these articles, Sting and Dutilleux founded The Rainforest Foundation to assist these people in their fight
for the survival of their culture and habitat. In 1989, Dutilleux directed and produced a television spot starring Sting to launch
the campaign worldwide. Raoni, Sting, and Dutilleux then toured the world for 60 days, sponsoring local foundations in 12 countries,
raising awareness and funds to protect the rainforest and its people."

You can help! Contact Sting, Dutilleux or their agent(s) to have situation remedied.

More current info and LOTS of pics are here at their old website.

An article was written about Sting and his efforts with Raoni and posted to Sting's official website

Publisher of this info for Clive Kelly and Raoni can be emailed here

Email Capt. Kelly here:

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