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The Network Dialer and The Personal Story Pages work together
to complete a lead generation and recruiting system.

This is the overview on how the system works together to create explosive sales force growth.

1992 to 1995 -  Was one of the first people in America to market a prepaid phone card.
Started at beginning with company that invented the industry: AmeriVox.

Links to internet marketing articles and a chapter on a story we told that started
on the American prepaid phone card industry in March of 1992.


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Sold over 20 million dollars of phone cards through my 8,000 member sales team.

Acquired and handled several celebrity royalty accounts. My biggest client, sumo wrestler Konishiki was 625 lbs.

Started extensively using predictive dialers, broadcast fax and broadcast email to communicate
with large AmeriVox sales team. Was one of the first people in the world to market and communicate,
via the Internet, to a large sales network using the very earliest commercial websites.

Clients like 3M sold Post-It notes used our customized phone cards as premiums and incentives.
We had exclusive worldwide licensing agreements with Elvis Presley, JFK, Richard Petty, Wyland and other celebrities.

1996 - Formed first pure Internet company, FIRST Technologies, Inc. Partnered with software developer to create
the first interactive, self generating websites targeted to network marketing sales teams. This technology enabled any
sales group to become a virtual community. 

The software was demonstrated to the current CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, in early 1996.
It was very favorably received and may have inspired certain products you see today out of Redmond,
right here next to Kirkland where I live today.



Got to the top of Mount Rainier in Sept 2004 with my father.
Camped for 5 days on Rainier, in the winter, to train for Denali.
Climbed Mount McKinley (Denali) in Alaska in 2004, then again in 2006.


2008 - Completed the matchmaking to fund, lead and create the go-to-retail
strategy of MicroBlend Technologies. MicroBlend is changing the way house paint will be
created and sold worldwide. When they came to us, they were in a couple of mom and pop
hardware stores and badly needed funding. 20 million dollars later and with the right people leading
the company, they are in multiple Costcos, Sears, Home Depots and other large retailers.

  • 2007 Formed the The Branding Foundry to bring new products to market.

  •               2007  – Founded SpokesGuide. Wrote the scripts, produced and directed the scenes.


  •           2000 - Formed LeadProducers to provide leads to mortgage bankers.

1999   -  The Federal Group,  Woodinville, WA  Business Development

  • Co-created and coded a web-based system to sell/list property and acquire/manage new real estate and  mortgage leads.  More about my experience building mortgage & real estate directories.

1999  Kirkland, WA  Founder and Director of Product Development

  • Conceived and produced a online directory of Mortgage, Real Estate and Financial service
    providers. Hired the programmers and managed the source code development/strategic
    relations of this online exchange.
  • Site was designed to facilitate instantaneous sharing of leads (referrals) among mortgage brokers and real estate agents. Messages and the actual leads would be sent to/from any device, such as office/home phone, e-mail, fax, pda or cell phone. Each member had ability to create/manage their own targeted lists.
  • Proprietary CRM functionality was embedded into their personally created websites. From the site, members could send messages, via the web, in their own voice to multiple devices and group lists that recipients opted into from the site of the member.
  • Members communications data stayed real-time correct. Recipients could change/delete devices and contact data via web. The future system would follow member via time and geographic position. System carried the viral message of the client company as a written or verbal tagline like Hotmail tags a signature line to rapidly promote the creation of another user.

1998  Kirkland, WA  Founder & Director of Product Development

  • Hired as second employee. Designed and maintained the company’s first website
  • Established the first email servers and co-created dozens of product names and their related URL’s
  • Discovered the channel and gave the first presentation to procure the lead billionaire investor who funded a portion of the company with 2.5 million dollars.
  • Interviewed several potential CTO’s, found/hired the first salespeople, first IT people, many more.
  • Participated in the initial product positioning, pricing and branding, as well as the first executable demo with Hornall-Anderson.  Gettuit would have offered almost any online app or service as an online rentable application, rivaling the strategy.
  • Discovered and catalogued the first 250 application service providers, which became the core
    products presented in the company’s offering of integrated online service partners
  • Conceived and launched the company’s first commercial product, a desktop client application, which linked to three online service providers to integrate the process of finding a Realtor, a property and a loan officer.

1997    NetroMedia Honolulu, Hawaii   Owner

  • Founded company that built and hosted websites for Honolulu mortgage companies

1997  World Wide Desk, Inc Kirkland, WA   Owner

  • Co-founded Internet company to offer online small business web services. Met with the top
    executives of Costco to discuss the provisioning of business websites to their Executive Club Member base of several dozen million members.

    Spent almost a year analyzing the needs of small business people and how they could benefit
    from the Internet.  Primarily focused on people in mortgage lending and real estate.

1996    FIRST Technologies, Inc. Kaneohe, Hawaii   Owner

  • Co-founded company that was formed to host sales organizations whose members were able to create web pages and communicate through branded email accounts linked to the corporate master site.
  • More than 4,000 salespeople created their own unique sites and email accounts. FIRST Technologies wrote the code and private branded the package for use by large sales teams.
  • This proprietary software was demonstrated to an enthusiastic Steve Ballmer and may have inspired certain MicroSoft products you use today.
  • This technology, created, over five years ago, had the same core features as AOL, GeoCities, and other early virtual communities. The evolution of it is FACEBOOK.
  • These sites were extremely advanced at the time -- they were web-based Intranets that could
    duplicate themselves. Members sent/received internal/external branded e-mail; used private imbedded chat rooms and message boards; and could track new members in real time.

    These interactions, tracking and control were based entirely within networks that we created and hosted.


A very famous naval aviator: Capt. Bill Span raised me with an awesome mom Irene.   Dad went supersonic in a Russian MIG-29 and attracted major media attention.

Attended the University of North Carolina on a football scholarship.Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1978.  Became a Dive Instructor and U.S. Coast Guard certified Sea Captain. Sailed 30,000 miles throughout the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbeanand dove over 200 times deeper than 200 feet.

1978 - 1980 - Sailed out of Newport Beach. Taught SCUBA and captained boats. Sailed Baja, and southern Mexico with Maui charter guru Bruce Morse & the legendary schooner skipper Roy Wildman.

1980 - Captained 36' cutter to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and back during a year long adventure.

1981 - Captained 80 to 120 foot aluminum crew boats to oil rigs off Louisiana.

1982 - 1983 - Captained a 55' trimarran from Portobello, Panama to Cozumel, Mexico for Clive Kelly. Taught scuba diving on this very interesting island while exploring ruins, diving for black coral and finding Spanish shipwrecks. Enjoyed the modern and ancient Mayan culture and became friends with the native Mayan Indians and colorful characters of Cozumel and Quintana Roo.

1984 - Captained the world’s fastest sailing vessel, the SeaSmoke out of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

1985 - Bought 46’ catamaran and sailed to Kauai to teach diving for Napali Coast Dive Expeditions.
Ran dives at Tunnels Beach North Shore of Kauai for Captain Zodiac.

1985 - Captained the 75' schooner,  Amazing Grace from Samoa to the Kingdom of Tonga and back, Spent a month in remote islands of the the Ha'apai and Vavau groups.

l986 - Joined Princeville Realty Corp. Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii, sold over $6 million dollars
of property on Kauai. Designed and built 3 custom homes in Kilauea, Kauai. After obtaining my
Hawaii Real Estate Brokers license, became the Kauai affiliate of Hawaii Real Estate Brokers,
a division of Jon Douglas Associates of Beverly Hills, CA.

l990 - l992 - Formed Polynesian Divers on Kauai.

Trained Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Steve Guttenberg and at least 10,000 others to SCUBA
during career. Spent three days diving with Bruce Willis and family. Took him 140 feet deep
at the forbidden Island of Niihau.

I was living in Tantalus  Oahu, Hawaii at an elevation of 2,000 feet in a tropical rainforest until
the internet boom of 1997 brought me to Kirkland, Washington - near Seattle.

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